You Will Learn

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  • How To Find Brands

  • Reaching Out To Brands

  • How To Join Afilliate Programs

  • The Ideal Pitch Email

  • How To Create Sponsored Content

  • How To Work With Your Dream Brands


  • 1

    Are You Ready to Work With Brands?

  • 2

    Connecting With Brands + Companies

    • Discovering Brands + Companies

    • The 101 On Affiliate Programs

    • Video: How To Sign Up and Use ShareASale

    • How To Reach Out To Brands

  • 3

    Collaborating + Creating Content

    • Avoiding Scam Companies + Declining Partnerships

    • When and What To Charge

    • How To Create Amazing Sponsored Content

    • Video: 8 Tips For Creating Amazing Sponsored Content

    • Communicating With The Brand

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Whether you are an Instagram Influencer, YouTuber, or Blogger, this course is for you! In this course, you will be guided step by step on everything and anything you need to know about working with brands. You will learn the steps of a successful collaboration from start to finish and by the end of the course, you will be working with your dream brands!

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As a small lifestyle blogger, I have worked with many amazing brands such as Gorjana, Garage Clothing, Thread Wallets, Shop Stevie, Parabo Press, Xo Peachy Box, The Ann Williams Group, Kali Boxes, CaseApp, The PMS Package, Purple Trail, and so many more! I can not wait to share all of my knowledge and experiences with you! You do not have to have a large following as an influencer to work with major brands that you love! Big or small, this course is for you!

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About Me

Taiya Maddison

As a teen lifestyle blogger for over 2 years, I have self-taught myself everything from starting a blog to growing an audience from the ground up. Through my passion for blogging, I've learned and gained valuable experience on how to reach out to brands and how to build successful long-term relationships with companies while creating the best creative content possible. It has been my dream from the beginning to help others to achieve the same thing I have achieved, and I couldn't be happier to offer you this course on how you can successfully collaborate with your dream brands. I can't wait for you to get started!


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